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Centcom Virtual Call Center

Enjoy all the benefits of an Omni Channel Virtual Call Center.

Many folks come to us with a dilemma: They'd like to purchase a predictive dialer for their call centers because they have heard about the advantages that a predictive dialer system has over other dialers.

Increased agent productivity, higher sales and lower staff costs are all made possible by a predictive dialer system.

However, once these folks shop around, they realize that these systems don't come cheap. Sizable investments are required for hardware, software, telecommunication lines, training and support. For many small to mid-sized companies, these costs are too much to bear.

That's where the Centcom Virtual Call Center comes in. This hosted predictive dialer system enables you to harness the features and functionality of the most advanced predictive dialer, without requiring any investments or lengthy set-ups. All you need is a phone line and a PC with high-speed Internet, and you're good to go!

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