increase productivity up to 300%

Outbound Marketing

At CCDS we offer some of the most advanced, fully scalable Outbound Marketing call center management suites on the market. Our CCAAS (Call Center as a Service) software is specially designed to give your company the technological edge to run at maximum efficiency while fully complying with regulations. With CCDS your company can immediately cut out the time, stress, and cost of maintaining infrastructure while increasing your telemarketing company’s productivity by up to 300% and making it scalable to adapt quickly to changes in demand.

At CCDS we understand that your online business lives or dies according to amount of leads your agents can generate, and the cost you pay to get these leads. With one of the most advanced predictive automated dialing systems, our call center management suites allow your agents to connect directly with live contacts. Giving your agents up to three times more connection, the CCDS telephone marketing call center package cuts down the time between connections, shortening call times and significantly lower the cost per lead.

In addition to this instant increase in your agents’ productivity, our telemarketing call center packages are also far easier to train agents on. With a customizable, user-friendly interface, the CCDS software cuts down on your ‘ramp-up’ time so you get agents mastering the system and pursuing contacts in as little as two hours, cutting your training costs to pieces.

CCDS’ call center management suites can also easily save your company thousands of dollars on maintenance, upgrades, and other infrastructure costs such as software licensing, telephony cards, phone lines and database servers. Our packages give you full scalability to adapt to changing demands. And because the CCDS system allows agents to work from home, agent retention will increase, saving you the costs associated with turnover.

CCDS stays ahead of the competition by proving you with some of the most dependable, robust, and scalable outbound telemarketing call center management suites you will find. By instantly cutting your costs per lead, improving agent retention, and reducing your infrastructure costs to the bare minimum, the outbound call center packages we offer at CCDS can quickly and decisively put your outbound telemarketing call center in a position to lead the pack.