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Government Supporting Call Center

If you are operating a government-related call center and are looking for a practical, cost-effective way to make your operation run more smoothly while instantly improving agent-contact relations and significantly lowering the day-to-day costs of maintaining your infrastructure, then CCDS call center management suites are your best choice.

At CCDS, our call center management software packages carry the most advanced automated predictive dialing systems, which will instantly give your outbound call center agents up to three times more connections, dramatically increasing their efficiency in reaching contacts and ensuring that your agents are only ever connected with live contacts. This simple and practical modification to your outbound call center will dramatically and immediately cut the cost per contact that your government-related organization spends in its day-to-day operations. If your organization is engaged in recruiting, awareness or fundraising campaigns, CCDS outbound call center management suites are an invaluable resource that will save your organization money and make it considerably more efficient.

To meet the demands of your inbound call center, CCDS has developed one of the most comprehensive client service call center management suites available. The CCDS inbound call center software will immediately cut down on the time your clients spend waiting to be connected to an agent. By promptly and reliably routing clients to the appropriate agent and ensuring that they aren’t required to repeat information unnecessarily, CCDS software will allow for more constructive exchanges between agents and contact. What’s more, our inbound call center management suites give your agents instant access to relevant information, such as caller history, in an integrated and unified caller interface. This is a simple yet highly effective way to improve caller-agent relations and make each call more constructive. Also, CCDS’s user-friendly, customizable interface can be learned in less than two hours, cutting the cost of training agents.

CCDS call center management suites can also be fully scaled up and down to adapt to the changing demands of your organization.