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Hiring a virtual call center service provider such as CCDS to run and manage your calling campaigns is nothing new for many call center operators. However, when the distance between the call center  and the service provider is over 14,000 Kms and 17 time zones you would expect to find a number of shortcomings.

For Willie  Seabrook, a New Zealand-based businessman, such a  setup can be highly efficient and extremely rewarding. Since 2005, Seabrook has  used CCDS' Centcom Virtual Call Center service to manage his calling campaigns.

Seabrook has nothing but positive things to say about  the service provider:


"I have engaged the team at CCDS several times to provide dialing for short term call centers and message broadcasting and I will continue to work with them in the future.

CCDS has proven to be the best firm I have ever worked with. As we are on the other side of the world, our time zone is almost the exact opposite of Canadian business hours.

So when we are operating, it is the middle of the night for CCDS. That has not been a problem for James and the tech team – they have made themselves available on their mobile phones to talk at times like 3AM and 4AM in the morning.

In addition to outstanding technical support, they have demonstrated a unique willingness to work according to our business requirements, including procuring huge dialing volumes within a very short space of time."


Seabrook was asked about whether he would recommend the company to others. His response was simple:

"Wherever in the world your business operates, I absolutely recommend the team at CCDS for call centre services. If you are considering engaging them, I am enthusiastic about speaking to you in person to encourage you to give them a go.”