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Omnichannel Experience

Software For A Real Omnichannel Experience

Your customers wish to do business with you easily and efficiently. Change the way of interacting with them and take care of them in the way they expect through any device, email, IM, your website or social media.

Customers now expect to receive service from your organization on the channel of their choice, which might be voice, email, SMS/text, web, mobile or social media. Companies are beginning to provide service on all of these channels – but too often, those channels may exist in silos. This multi-channel service can be taken to the next level with an omni-channel solution that integrates channels to provide a consistent customer experience.



- Maximize productivity while improving Agent Engagement

Manages calls more efficiently either by a live agent or a self-service IVR. Your agents will be able to answer calls from different services with automatic screen pop-ups.

Our predictive dialer utilizes an increasing exponential algorithm that gives a higher percental value to the most recent data, resulting in a more accurate dialing spend and higher contact rate while meeting the expected abandonment rate.

In order to properly evaluate your system’s performance, CCDS provides you with the tools to build customized applications that meet your specific business needs altogether with a complete suite of report and monitoring tools that can be designed to meet your KPIs.

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- Help your team manage the email flow in an effective and efficient way.

Help your team manage large volumes of emails, sorted and prioritized to agent’s individual skills while providing your customers with a prompt and personalized service.

Your inbound email services can be designed with routing criteria, auto-answers, attached documents, customized templates, spell checks, skill selecting and client-service priority. Address the most complex email requests in real time while reducing handling time and boosting productivity.

Social Customer Service – Handle comments and requests through Social Media as part of your Multi-Channel services. Route all your SM requested through a universal queue to the best qualified agent and offer your clients a unique Omnichannel Experience.


- The fastest and most efficient way to connect to your clients on the web

Connect with your customers by offering them real-time support via video, chat or a call.

Help your customers navigate through your site and increase your closing rate. Whether is a support request, customer service or online sales... there is no doubt that chat is the fastest and most effective way for your customers to contact you.

Now you have all the tools you need to help them navigate your eCommerce site and enhance their customer experience.


- Feedback Management: Customized KPIs and reporting, Real Time Supervision.

Increase customer satisfaction, improve resource utilization at your contact center and optimize internal processes.

Thanks to our reporting and supervisor modules you will be able to design your own tools and KPIs, measure your customer’s satisfaction along their journey and in real time, analyze their feedback through automated surveys, establish alerts and take corrective actions.

Allow your customer’s feedback to improve your operations and reach new heights on performance and customer service.