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Trusting in CCDS for over 18 Years.

I have been with CCDS for the past 18 years through various call centers that I own, most notably with my current company LinkNow Media. The reasons are simple. In a blended call center environment, while needing the ability to handle clients in multiple departments and have access to all our client information on the fly while using multiple software and making sure costs are low and call quality is high with the ability to scale the team on the fly, there really is no other choice.

When LinkNow started in 2009, we needed a dialing solution to make cold calls in a B2B environment. Having used CCDS in the past, I signed up with them to test our business model. As business picked up we needed to add agents on the fly and it was as simple as adding a username and password into their online self serve app. When we realised our model required different departments to call clients at different times, CCDS designed our call protocal to move leads to different campaigns to work the sales process from introduction to sales to welcome team and to design while having the ability to access all the clients information if they ever called in.

When we began using third party applications to enhance some of our marketing and crm needs, CCDS designed and deployed the software architecture that allowed all our different software to communicate and update the information in Realtime across all our databases.

They are the most reliable solution I have ever used. The call quality is excellent and I cant remember the last time there was any downtime on their side.

The best part about working with CCDS is their team. They answer their calls and emails quickly and don’t work on ticket systems like others providers. When you need them, they are there, and you can be on the phone with the developers right away if you run into any problems.

Wesley Mendelovitch

President and CEO